Who we are​

DionyMed is an efficient and effective cannabis platform supporting cultivators, manufacturers and safe, trusted award-winning cannabis brands for medical and recreational consumers worldwide.

We believe in:

  • The power of cannabis for healing and happiness
  • The power of cannabis people – the pioneers, the caregivers, the true believers
  • The cannabis industry – great jobs for great people
  • The future of cannabis and a world where cannabis is Always In Stock!

By the numbers

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Cannabis to Consumer Platform

DionyMed has an expertly designed proprietary platform that supports the design, development, distribution, and marketing of award-winning brands at scale.

DYME Brands

A growing product portfolio leveraging key market opportunities to develop leading brands

  • Local heroes scaling to national icons
  • Diverse target audiences, categories, and price points
  • Long-term intellectual property value
  • Focus on quality and consistent experiences

DYME Distribution

Industry-leading platform empowering end-to-end compliant delivery, sales & cash logistics for brands, cultivators & retailers

  • Support supply chain, ordering, and inventory
  • Retail route optimization and scheduling
  • Invoicing and delivery notifications
  • Automate compliance management

DYME Direct

Largest Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment provider and extensible platform for D2C e-commerce

  • Scalable real-time and next-day delivery platform
  • Market-leading customer acquisition to lifetime value ratio
  • Brand insights and development

Our Services

Value-added services to get products from cultivation to finished products, and into the hands of satisfied retailers and consumers


Logistics Services
& Software

End-to-end delivery, cash collection, route management & manifesting on behalf of brands, manufacturers & cultivators.

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& Co-Packing

Six in-production manufacturing & distribution facilities capable of processing $1B+ of sales volume.

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Source, formulate, produce, package & test products on behalf of cultivators & processors.

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Retail & Direct-to-Consumer Delivery

Delivery of high-quality products to retail partners and direct to consumers.



A portfolio of lifestyle brands across multiple price points ranging from cannabis vaping products, to prerolls, prepackaged flower, extracts and edibles.


Cartridges, sold without battery, that deliver strain-specific tastes for the value-conscious aficionado of medical marijuana.

Winberry Farms

Winberry Farms:
One of the first recreational cannabis farms to be licensed by the state of Oregon, specializing in naturally sun-grown product, expertly cultivated, perfectly cured, and farm fresh.


Cannabis cartridges with formulations designed by women for women. The blended formulations offer three distinct combinations of THC and CBD.


A series of three cartridge products with carefully blended formulations with high, low, and balanced combinations of THC & CBD.

Alexander Fields
Alexander Fields:
Three flavors that capture the essence of California, each in both high-THC and high-CBD formulations. The Fields Multidose Battery provides timed amounts for a repeatable experience.

Growing boutique flower is an art form. It’s poetry for the senses. We seek out and partner with growers who have mastered the art of flower cultivation

Sun grown flower selections cultivated by outdoor master growers throughout California. Available in prepackaged in 1 gram and 8th bags.
Holy Smokes
Holy Smokes:

 Pre-rolled pure cannabis flower joints. Taking you to a higher state of mind.

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